Thursday, March 8, 2012

American Idol 2012 - Live Semifinalist Round - The Women Perform

The night was kicked off by Chelsea Sorrell, singing "Cowboy Casanova."  Here's today's tip to the contestants:  don't sing Carrie Underwood songs.  Please.  You will only make yourself sound stupid.  Chelsea is a beautiful girl, but she was flat for most of the song, and she wasn't breathing in the right places.

The second lady to sing was Erica Van Pelt.  Her rendition of "What About Love" was belted out with her signature power vocals.  And she sang ON KEY!  Also, I had mentioned during one of the audition posts that she needed a new hairdo, and apparently the show's stylists had their way with her, and she now looks FAB!  I love to be right!

Jen Hirsh went third and sang "One and Only".  There aren't many who do justice to Adele songs, but Jen pulled it off perfectly.  However, the song was very slow to develop and bored me slightly until near the end.  Not that it's a bad just didn't butter my bread, so to speak.

Young Brielle Von Hugel sang an old song, "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay."  This girl thinks she's a lot better than she actually is.  Some of the song was pretty good, but some of it was truly BLECH!  For some reason, she reminds me of the annoying girl who always gets killed first in horror movies.

Hallie Day sang "Feeling Good."  Holy crap, she looked gorgeous!  She sang well with a good mix of spunky and sultry.  On a side note, does that song make anyone else want to do a strip tease?

Li'l country gal, Skylar Lane, was up next with "Stay with Me."  Something about this girl gets on my nerves.  It's not her voice, because she stayed in tune.  Maybe it's the trailer park hairdo.  She was a great performer, though.

Baylie Brown, also in the country genre, tried to sing "Amazed," but she was off key throughout the entire song.  She is a beautiful girl and looks great on camera.  I think she needs to get an agent and try to get into movies.

Hollie Cavanagh was next with "Reflection," and holy hell!  This tiny, unassuming-looking girl blew this song right out of the water.  Fabulous!

Haley Johnson sang "Sweet Dreams," with some kind of spacey-sounding background vocals that were very distracting.  At one point I actually went outside with a gun to shoot the panther attacking a family of kittens outside.  However, there was no panther and no was just Haley's screeching.

Next was Shannon Magrane with "Go Light Your World."  I just love this 6-foot-tall beauty!  She was adorable in her little intro video, plus....the girl can SANG!  She's only 16, but she showed so much maturity onstage.

Jessica Sanchez was next, singing, "Love You, I Do."  She said that her voice has been sore and hoarse all week, but I think she's full o' poo, because she was near perfect!  She has wonderful projection and some big ole pipes.  What's up with these young chicks this week?  WOW!

Lastly, we saw Elise Testone with yet another Adele song.  Ok, people...there are other singers out there besides Adele, okay?  Let's move on and find something else to sing, PLEASE!  But I digress.  We were discussing Elise, who started out at the piano and then got up and started working the crowd.  She had a great bluesy feel and sang with a lot of passion.  Overall great job!

And on to the results.  The top 5 girls for this first week were:

For the Wild Card Round, three guys and three girls were asked to sing a song of their choice.  Then each judge got to choose one contestant to save.  The girls who were chosen to sing were Jen Hirsh (who was awesome), Brielle Von Hugel (who was pretty sloppy), and Erica Van Pelt (also awesome).  If you'll remember from the last post, Steven and Jennifer both chose a guy as their Wild Card.  Randy, however, chose Erica as his, unfortunately letting the wonderful Jen Hirsh go.

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