Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bachelor Sean 2013 - Week 1 (continued)

When I left off in my last post, we had just met all 26 lovely ladies.  Now, let's see what kind of surprises Sean has for us.

If you'll remember, Tierra got a rose right after she got out of the limo, which was unusual since the Bach usually talks to a lot of the ladies inside before he decides on the First Impression Rose.
"I got the first rose!  Suck it, other contestants!"
So, inside the mansion, Sean spoke with Desiree, the bridal consultant.  He obviously enjoyed their chat, because he gave her a rose too.
Then, after visiting with Sean, other contestants started getting roses, as well.  These included:
AshLee, Selma, Robyn, Katie, Catherine, Jackie

Sean is just handing out roses willy-nilly, and to hell with the rules!  (I love that!)  He told one contestant that if he felt an instant connection, he was immediately giving them a rose.

Model Ashley H. did not get a rose after chatting with Sean, so she's on the bubble, people!  On. The. Bubble.  She did say, "putting myself out there."  (If you don't remember, I'm keeping up with mentions of this ridiculous phrase, and also of how many times anyone on the show says "journey.")
Ashley H.
Lindsay, the chick who showed up in the wedding dress spoke with Sean next, and said that she really wanted him to see what a goofball she is, but that she wished she were a little more sober.  Damn wine gets one of them every season!  She asks Sean to have their first dance, at which point she tries to kiss him....again.  He deftly avoided it, and I'm pretty sure she just wrote her own ticket out of Mansionville.
Apparently, the producers of the show had the booze flowing a little more freely this year, because a very tipsy Ashley P. (you remember old tit lips, right?) started dancing.  
Tit Lips (Ashley P.)
And I don't mean waltzing, people.  She was dropping it like it was hot, spreading her legs and going all the way down to the floor, and hunching the air.  In a formal dress.  Then she went over and interrupted Sean and another girl, but they requested another minute to finish their conversation, so she stood right beside them with her back to them and did a lot of booty dancing until they finished.  The only good thing for her was that Sean couldn't see all the duck lips and other stupid faces she was making during her little mini-burlesque show.  Finally Ashley talked to Sean for a while, during which time she made an even further spectacle of herself.  Then she went back inside the mansion (roseless) and busted her drunk ass doing down the stairs.  Way to keep it classy on national TV, honey!

Next, we see Leslie H. getting a rose from Sean.  It didn't show much of their conversation, but she's a real cutie!
Sarah was discussing how self-conscious she was feeling with some of the other girls.  Then it showed her talking to Sean, and they had a really good conversation.  She explained to him that she was born with only one arm, and that she hoped it didn't make anyone feel uncomfortable, because she is very open to discussing it.  And that sweetheart Sean reassured her that he was not uncomfortable at all, and then he gave her a rose.  Yay!  

Now, it's time for the rose ceremony.  Twelve of the girls already have roses:  Sarah, Leslie H., Catherine, Jackie, Katie, Robyn, AshLee, Selma, Desiree, Tierra, Diana, and Brooke.

So, Sean calls out:  Amanda, Lesley M., Kacie, Kristy, Daniella, Taryn, and drunk bride Lindsay to receive roses.  And the rest of the gals are history.  

By my count, that's 19 roses, and I thought they usually only gave 15 on the first night.  But I guess Sean is a rebel and just doing whatever-the-hell he wants to do.  

Booted off Week 1:  Ashley H., Lauren, Ashley P., Keriann, Kelly, Paige, and Lacey.
[Sidenote:  I'm glad some of the Ashleys got kicked off.  There are always WAY too many Ashleys on this show!]

We've had 3 people mention "journey," and only 1 "putting myself out there" so far, but the season is young, my friends!  I'm sure there will be many of these useless platitudes as the hormones and cat fights get revved up in this season of The Bachelor!

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