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Bachelor Sean - 2013 - Week 6

Sean heads to St. Croix this week with the final 6 ladies.  Tierra began the drama almost as soon as they arrive, saying that she doesn’t want to share a room with any of the other girls, so she just pulled a cot out into the living area.  {sigh}  Please wake up soon, Sean.  This girl is working on my last nerve.

Sean is not going to give out roses on each date, so that will add to the suspense at the rose ceremony.


AshLee got the first individual date this week.  If you’ll remember, she had a one-on-one back in Week 3, so this is her second one.

Sean and Ash cruised out to their own private island on a gorgeous luxury catamaran.  While they were lounging on the beach Sean asked her if there was still drama in the house.  AshLee was honest, and told him about Tierra isolating herself, and she pretty much laid out how his day-to-day life would be with the psycho, Tierra.  And Sean actually said that he believed what Ash was telling him.  

After all of this honesty, they rolled around in the sand and made out.  That evening, they had a romantic oceanside dinner, and then it was time for more honesty.  Sean asked if there was anything else he needed to know before the hometown dates.  And AshLee began to tell a little story about when she was a teenager and having trouble at home.  There was a lot of “and ummmm” in the telling of this tale of youthful indiscretion, but when she finally got down to it, she said that she had gotten married at the tender age of 17.  Whoa!  Major skeleton in the closet, girlfriend!

But Sean was super understanding, as always.  Then AshLee told him that she loved him, and he didn’t seem freaked out at all.


Tierra got the next individual date.  When the date card arrived, it read that they were going to explore the city.  Tierrable was a little pissy about that, because she said she would sweat and her makeup would get ruined.  She indicated that she would much rather go boating or something.

They shopped around town, buying necklaces, bracelets, snow cones, and soaps.  Then a big wild parade came down the street, and they danced with the folks in the parade and had a big ole time!

As they sat on some steps and ate their snow cones, Sean asked Tierra how things were in the house, and she basically told him that the other girls were jealous of her.  He asked if she could do it again, would she handle herself differently around the other ladies, and she said, “no,” and that those other girls wouldn’t be around much longer.

That evening, Tierra told him that she thought he was a little distant during the day.  He told her that it was because of all the drama in the house.  Oooooh, people, that girl looked like she was ready to spit fire!  A little bit later, she told him that she cared about him and hoped that their “journey” would continue.  [Cliché alert!]  Then she just smiled really creepily at him for a while, and then hugged him, and whispered in his ear that she was falling in love with him.  It was a little awkward, in my opinion.

Group Date

This is the final group date, and Sean woke the girls up before sunrise…and took pictures of them without their makeup.  But they didn’t complain too much, because there was a rose to be given on this date.

So, he took the ladies to the east side of the island to watch the sun rise.  Apparently, this is the farthest place east in the United States, so they were the first ones in the U.S. to see this particular sunrise.  Then, they headed on a road trip, west across the island of St. Croix.  They all got along and had a blast stopping at various attractions on the way to the western beach.

They played around in the water, and then Sean took time with each girl on the beach.  His talk with Lindsay was fun and playful, interspersed with some fairly hot kissing.  

Catherine’s was more serious, as she had to explain why Sean wouldn’t be meeting her father if he came to her hometown.  Her father had some depression issue and attempted suicide when Cat was a teen.  He was taken away, but she still has a little bit of contact with him.  However, he would not be meeting Sean.  You could tell that she was quite uncomfortable talking about this, and Sean gave her props for opening up and sharing this with him.  Then they kissed.  [Side note:  Catherine looked GORGEOUS without makeup while out on the beach.  I would kill for that skin tone!]

Desiree got choked up when she talked about Sean meeting her family.   It didn’t show them kissing, but maybe they did and it was just edited out.  Or maybe Sean’s lips were just tired.

The date rose went to Lindsay.


Lesley had the next one-on-one date.  She looked adorable in a white fitted top and a watermelon-colored sheer skirt.  Sean wanted a chilled out date so they could talk and see where their relationship was.  They walked around some pretty gardens and picked fruit.  When they talked, she averted her gaze a lot.  She wanted to tell Sean that she loved him, but couldn’t find the right moment, so it made her seem uncomfortable to Sean.  They did kiss some, but overall, I don’t think this date went very well.

Extracurricular Activities

Sean met with his sister, Shay, so he could get some advice on what to do.  And they actually sat in regular chairs, and not on a couch!  WHAT?  Sean indicated to her that he didn’t currently have a front-runner, which I think he’s required by contract to say at this point.  Shay warned him that several times during different seasons of The Bachelor, she and the rest of America were watching and saying, “Nooooo, not THAT one.”  And then the Bach ended up with THAT one (Courtney and Vienna, for example).  You could see the wheels turning in his head, and I’m pretty sure he was thinking the same thing I was:  Tierra is THAT one.  His sister had warned him before he came on that show, that if there is a girl that can’t get along with any of the other girls, she is trouble.  Good advice, Shay!

Meanwhile, trouble was brewing back at the hotel.  Tierra was trying to call AshLee out for causing tension between her and Sean.  She said that “everyone” was trying to sabotage her.  AshLee told her to name one person, but Tierra couldn’t, of course.  So, Tierra proceeded to insult AshLee because of her age (32).  Then they moved their discussion into the other room, where some of the other girls watched.  Lots of yelling ensued, with some key quotes from Tierra:
“Men love me.”
“They said, ‘Tierra, you have a sparkle.’”  (Quoting her parents)
“I cannot control my eyebrow.”

This girl is one French fry short of a Happy Meal.  Seriously.

Sean came in shortly afterward, because he had decided to take Tierra to meet Shay and get her take on this controversial gal.  Of course, Tierrable was having a crying meltdown.  “Whine whine whine, I’m so sensitive.”  She admitted that she confronted AshLee, and Sean didn’t seem real happy about that.

Sean went outside to think, and finally had a bit of an "awakening."  He went back in the house and told Tierra that he thought this whole thing was too hard for her, so he was going to let her go home.  In the limo ride of shame, she cried and once again referenced her "sparkle."  What are you, girl?  Five years old?  Geez!

Rose Ceremony

Tierra was gone, and Lindsay had the group date rose, so the final three roses went to:  AshLee, Catherine, and Desiree.  This means that Lesley went home on this most difficult of weeks.  See you for hometown dates in the next episode!

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