Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Bachelor - 2013 - Hometown Dates (Week 7)

This week Sean had the hometown dates with the remaining four girls.

AshLee - Houston, TX

Sean’s visit to Houston to meet AshLee’s family was pretty unremarkable. The family was accepting of Sean because they could see that Ash really cared for him.  It was a little awkward when AshLee was describing their beach date and she told her family that it was romantic and that they had rolled around in the sand together.  I’m sure that made Sean feel just peachy with AshLee’s dad sitting right there giving him the evil dad eye.

Catherine - Seattle, WA

This visit was a little more exciting, because Catherine’s sisters were very skeptical, and they kept pointing out all of the bad things about Catherine to Sean:  Oh, she’s messy and she will leave you if you don’t support her dreams, yadda yadda yadda.  I think they were just jealous because Catherine is the prettiest sister, and she’s found a super hot boyfriend.  On the other hand, Grandma loved Sean and even threatened to steal him away from Cat.  This date left Sean a little confused.  You can tell he really likes Catherine, but her sisters sabotaged her a little bit, making Sean wonder if she’s ready for a commitment.

Lindsay - Fort Leonard Wood, MO

I think Lindsay went to the salon before meeting Sean, because her hair and makeup were flawless. This is the best she’s looked since this show started, in my humble opinion. Sean was a little bit nervous about meeting Lindsay’s father, because he’s a 2-star General in the U.S. Army.  To get Sean "army-ready," Lindsay dressed him up in an army t-shirt, and played drill sergeant with him.  It was a cute scene and made Sean laugh.

Lindsay's mom really seemed to like Sean.  The General was concerned about his little girl getting hurt.  Sean asked him for his blessing, and he said that was the toughest question he's ever been asked, but that he did give his blessing that was what his daughter wanted.  He even gave Sean some token dog tags listing the Army values.  Very nice visit!

Desiree - Los Angeles, CA

Desiree took Sean on a hike, though it looked more like a walk to me.  They went to Desiree's house to wait for her family, when there was a knock at the door.  When she opened the door, there was a dude on the doorstep.  A dude who didn't seem to be family.  Awkward!  The dude kept looking at the cameras, probably wondering what the hell was going on.  He proceeds to profess his love for Des....right in front of Sean.  She wanted him to leave, but he got a little belligerent.  Sean tried to get him to leave, as well, and it looked like they were going to throw down!  But before things got out of control, Des yelled, "Gotcha!"  It was a prank, a wee bit of payback for the time Sean pranked Des on their first date to the fake art gallery.  Sean took it well, and laughed about the joke.  What a good sport!

When Desiree's family arrived, everything seemed to be going really well.  They were all laughing together, and the parents loved Sean.  Her brother, Nathan, on the other hand, thought the whole thing was stupid.  He seemed to take the "protective brother" bit a little over the top.  He told Sean that he didn't think Sean reciprocated Desiree's feelings.  He actually called Sean a playboy.  Nathan really came across as a bit of a smartass punk.  It seemed to affect Sean, which is understandable.
Rose Ceremony
Sean said that he felt comfortable with Lindsay and AshLee, but he still had questions about Catherine and Desiree.  I'm sure that the sibling interference had a lot to do with it:  Catherine's sniping sisters, and Desiree's punk ass, meddling brother.

Just when he was about to hand out the first rose, Des asked to speak to him.  She apologized to him for her brother's asshole-ness, and he told her that it was okay.

So, back to the rose ceremony.  Roses went to AshLee, Lindsay, annnnnddddd (drumroll, please!)...oh, crap!  Sean put the rose down, and walked out of the room without a word.  He went back into the deliberation room to stare at their pictures and think a little more.  He said that he had planned on sending Des home, but after her little final plea, he wasn't sure if he could.  But he found a way, because Catherine got the last rose.

When Sean walked Des out, she told him that she thought he was making a huge mistake.  She said it in a sweet way, not in a Jerry Springer way, so it was really heartbreaking!

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