Monday, January 30, 2012

American Idol 2012 - San Diego Auditions

For the San Diego auditions, American Idol was on the USS Midway, which served as an aircraft carrier for the U.S. Navy. Judge Steven Tyler came prepared.


The first contestant, Jennifer Diley, age 19 from OH is currently working as a sushi bar waitress (of course she is), and came dressed in a red, white, and blue bikini. Well, maybe Baby Got Back, but she didn’t have Talent.

Prediction: Miss Diley will become a hair model for Herbal Essence Shampoo.

Single mom, Ashley Robles, age 26 of CA has an adorable 5-year-old daughter. Ashley told the judges she was going to sing “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston, and my first thought was, “Oh, shitsters! Here’s another one who is going to butcher this song! {sigh}” But girlfriend could blow! She hit all the high notes with gusto, and she is very pretty!  Prediction: She will be the one in the Top 12 that gets sent home early because all she will sing is ballads, and America will get bored with her.

Jayrah Gibson, age 26 of CA wrote JLo a song called, “Shake Your Money Maker.” He gave a little sample of it, and then sang an R&B song pretty well.  Jayrah got through to Hollywood with three yeses.  Prediction: Will not make it past Group Night in Hollywood.

Aubree Dieckmeyer, age 20 from CA seemed to have forgotten for which show she was auditioning. At first, she said she wanted to be America’s Next Top Model. Then she kept fumbling over “next American Idol.” But by the time she got in front of the judges, she remembered exactly what to do. Her voice was so sweet, and she made it to Hollyweird!  Prediction: Randy said she lacked some power in her upper ranges, and I agree, and think this may keep her out of the Top 12, because there are some powerful girls this year.

Next was Ali Shields, age 19 from CA. She was on TV once before, when she got to meet Ellen Degeneres because she wrote a song for the funny talk show host, and Ellen was quite impressed. So, Ali tells the Idol judges that she’s going to rap for them. Please note that she’s a white girl, but she was really funny. Randy asked her to do a ghetto dance and she did an impressive little booty pop. Then she sang an actual song and did a very good job, and made it through to the next round.  Prediction: Though she was one of my favorite auditioners, she won’t make it much farther. Her voice is good, but not outstanding.

Jennifer arrived looking gorgeous in this Stella McCartney dress. 

For some reason, I couldn't find a pic of her standing up in this dress, but trust me, she was a stunner!

First was Kyle Cruise, age 19 from CA. He’s a frat boy from Cal Berkeley, so I really didn’t want to like him, but I just couldn’t help myself! He started singing and it made me say, “Day-um!”

Prediction: Strong contender for the Top 12. Depends on what he sings during Hollywood Week.

When one particularly horrible young lady was singing (sorry, didn’t catch her name), Steven yelled out, “I went through 4 hours of $*#%& hair and makeup to listen to this %@&*^$%@. Bahaha! I love that crazy guy! Except for when I see this:

AGGGHHHHH - Man boobies!

Jane Carrey, age 24 from CA was the next contestant. She seemed really sweet and down-to-earth, considering her dad is Jim Carrey - yes, THAT Jim Carrey!  JLo recalled seeing the little girl when she was tiny. Remember that Jennifer was a Fly Girl on “In Living Color” when Jim Carrey was a character on there. So, are you thinking the same thing I am: How the hell much plastic surgery has JLo had done? Damn, if she was already working when this young lady was a baby, Jenn should NOT look quite so awesome. Couldn’t she have some warts or saggy boobs or something? Anyway, back to Jane. She had a very decent singing voice, and got through to the next round.
Prediction: She’s a delightful girl, but her voice is not potent enough for the stage yet. Daddy needs to pony up some dough and get her a voice instructor, because she can definitely carry a tune. She just needs some instruction.

The last contestant in San Diego was Jason “Wolf” Hamlin, age 24 from CA. He brought to the audition his git-fiddle, which is just a hillbilly way of saying “guitar.” How the hell did this guy get to Cali, anyway? Perhaps was he shootin’ at some food? And then up through the ground came a bubblin’ crude? I just wonder if there is a cement pond or any critters in his back yard. Anyhoo, Jethro Jason sang “Midnight Special,” and did a pretty good job. Steven wanted him to sing something else, and the judges agreed he could play his guitar. The Wolf busted out with some Johnny Cash, and tore….it…UP! Unanimous yes votes!

Prediction: When he’s playing his guitar, he’s golden. When he’s not, he’s average. I think he’ll go down in one of the non-guitar rounds in Hollywood. I’m not sure they truly want him in the live shows anyway. He’s a little rough around the edges, but that’s what would make him appealing to many voters!

53 Total Golden Tickets in San Diego

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