Friday, January 27, 2012

American Idol 2012 - Savannah Auditions, Day 2

American Idol was back in Savannah for Day 2 of the Georgia auditions.

Mawuena Kodjo, age 25 from West Africa was the first contestant of the day. It’s never a good sign when every word you say has to have subtitles. Mawuena tried to sing Rascal Flatts, and it made me cry. Not in a good way. All three judges said no. Shocker. He said he thought the judges were wrong (another shocker!), so Randy told him to go find some people who actually thought he was good. He found 4 little girls and an old country dude. Steven told the kids to get mommy to wash the wax out of their ears, and then they sent Mawuena home…again.  Prediction: He will have a long and happy life as a Slurpee machine repairman.

Ashlee Altise, age 28 from N.C. was lots of fun and had an undeniable spunkiness. I liked her singing and I totally wanna hang out with her. She charmed the judges with her talent and personality and got through to the next round.  Prediction: I will have to hear more, but so far I’m not predicting her for top 12.

W.T. Thompson, age 25 from VA worked for a federal prison, before he quit this perfectly good job with benefits to audition for Idol. And he has a baby on the way. He said he had to make a decision between a job and a dream, and he chose the dream. Yeah, dude…you do that dream shit BEFORE you start a family, because once you’re responsible for a child, that child should be your dream. His singing was good, but not great. Certainly not worth throwing away your job that will provide food, shelter, and insurance for your wife and child.  Prediction: Unless he gets a lot of work on his voice, I don’t think he’s got a chance at making the live show. If your wife is pregnant and you’re gonna quit your job on a lark, you’d better be damned amazing, and this guy isn’t. Sorry I’m lecturing, but it just pisses me off.

Then there were a bunch of clips of Steven Tyler kissing every female in sight, including some grandmas. He’s like the Richard Dawson of modern times.

Erica Nowak age 28 from NY, said Steven Tyler is her future ex-husband. He hugged her and the she grabbed his ass. Way to keep it trashy, Erica! Then she hugged Randy and grabbed his ass too. Poor JLo didn't get her bionic booty grabbed.  Erica didn’t sing worth a crap and didn’t get through. Thank goodness. Prediction: She will soon become the next manager of the Happy Harbor trailer park in Cooterville, AR.

Brittany Kerr, age 24 from NC wins the award for most gorgeous contestant! Very good voice, not the best ever, but combined with her looks, I would say she’s the most marketable so far in Savannah. Does anyone else think this chica looks a lot like Carrie Underwood? I like her because she looked sexy even without dressing provocatively (aka, like a $2 hooker), and that‘s something young girls should take note of today. I would love to see her make the top 12 because I think she would be stunning on stage, and it would be interesting to see what style choices she made as far as clothes, shoes, and hair.   Prediction: I don’t think her voice is quite strong enough yet. *Sad face*

Phillip Phillips, age 20 from GA was the last one of the day, though the judges were all of sudden wearing their clothes from day one. Hmmmmm. Phillip sang Superstitious with more soul than Stevie Wonder. And that’s hard to do. Randy wanted him to play his guitar, so he did an acoustic version of Thriller. Boy has got the voice and the guitar skills. He’s a special one.  And then we got the 1st “you’re an artist” from Randy and Jennifer.
Prediction: I see this guy in the top 12, and making it very far.

42 total golden tickets from Savannah with some very promising prospects.

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